YA Novel from Full Fathom Five

From the moment Laura Rivers steps foot into Englewood High, she notices the stares—and they aren’t the typical once-overs every pretty new girl endures. “That new girl looks just like her,” they say.

It turns out Laura has a doppelgänger, and it isn’t just anyone—it’s Sarah Castro-Tanner, the girl who killed herself one year ago.

Laura is determined not to let the gossip ruin her chances of making a fresh start. Thanks to her charming personality and California tan, she catches the eye of Englewood’s undisputed golden boy, Charlie Sanders, and it’s only a matter of time before they make their relationship official.

But something is making Charlie and his friends paranoid—and Laura soon discovers it has to do with Sarah Castro-Tanner.

What really happened to Sarah? Why is Charlie unraveling? And how does Laura Rivers fit into it all?

After all, she’s the dead ringer for a dead girl. Available 11/11/15. Pre-Order Today!



20-Nothings, the book!

“I thought I had this whole be-a-20-something thing under control. Then I didn’t get a job for eight months, and The New York Times informed me that dating was dead, and the martinis starting costing 15 dollars… That’s when I started to realize this was nothing like Felicity.

20-Nothings is a chronological collection of true stories on getting by from 2-o to 3-0 from the blog of the same name, written by Jessie Rosen from 2007 to present.

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All collected via this link



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