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May 4, 2015

Baby’s First Business Class: Aboard Turkish Airlines

May 4, 2015

My Top 7 Packing Hacks

May 4, 2015

As you now know, I’m leaving for Turkey tomorrow as part of a group of writers invited to explore the nation and its namesake aviation, Turkish Airlines. Now felt like a good time to share my favorite solutions for small suitcase travel (as I literally have 3 more hours to pack…). Travel hacks have been covered time and time again, but here’s me throwing my hat in the suitcase (which I never do because it gets all messed up. Just buy a cheap one there):

  • Every single item of clothing has to go with every other single item of clothing. Yes, I know that’s crazy, but it is a waste of space and mental energy to have random outfits that can’t coordinate together. A dress is fine, but the sweater or button down I pack for warmth, or in this case mosque-wear, has to match.
  • I pack travel-sized sundries even if I’m checking a bag. I’m not going to use a full bottle of any given product in one week (or even two or three). Once again, waste of space that can be used for more important things like souvenirs.
  • Pajamas have to double as actual wardrobe. Adorable sleep sets become a worthless addition when one t-shirt or tank suffers a major stain. I always pack leggings and a tee to sleep in because they can double as actual clothes in a pinch. If I’m feeling really smart I pack pj’s that can double as work-out clothes, not that I’ve ever in my life worked out on vacation, but you never know.
  • Instead of a bulky sweater when cold weather is possible, I pack a thin under-layer like a long john. The thicker the clothing items the less room for souvenirs! Waffle shirts, long johns or even Under Armour serve the same purpose as a giant sweater with 75% less bulk. I wear them under a button-down or lighter sweater.
  • Three pair of shoes, max. One color palette.
  • Extra bag inside my bag. You just don’t know what kind of treasures you’re going to find to bring back to your dog or husband. That’s why I throw a flat duffel inside my carry-on so I don’t have to ship anything or leave anything behind.
  • I wear the biggest items on the flight. This is the hack on every single travel hack list, but it’s there for a reason. Save space and fly comfy.

And with that, it’s time to discover TURKEY! I’ll be writing as I go. Wish me luck…and amazing souvenirs. #widenyourworld #lovefromturkey

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