Hello from NOW

Jessie Rosen - August 24, 2021

It has been almost five years since I officially closed shop on this blog after its decade-long run. I’ve missed writing here so much some days that I consider starting it up again. On others I’m relieved to be able to focus on other ventures, and adventures. But in case you’re finding yourself here at 20-Nothings.com for the very first time, I wanted to be …

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PRINTABLE: Quarantine Date Night Deck

Jessie Rosen - March 27, 2020

First and foremost I hope this post finds you healthy and safely indoors. These are – I can’t even find the right word to describe them – times, and the better we all stay safely quarantined, the sooner they’ll be behind us all. I’m writing from Los Angeles where my husband, dog and I have been (mostly) indoors since Thursday, March 12th. That’s 14, 75 …

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The 35th Birthday Freak Out

Jessie Rosen - August 8, 2018

Six months ago I was freaked out about turning 35. Mid-thirties. Five years to forty. The age at which any pregnancy becomes a geriatric pregnancy. And so I did what I do when a freak out of any variety sets in: I made an action plan. I would spend the next six months working to finally and fully resolve all the gastrointestinal issues that have …

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Thank You and Goodbye…For Now

Jessie Rosen - December 8, 2017

Ten years ago I was a 24-year-old girl living in a 4th-floor hovel in New York, New York. I had a job, but it wasn’t going to be my career. I had a guy, but he wasn’t going to be my one. And I had the perfect group of friends, but none of us knew what the hell we were doing. I felt lost. I felt …

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Why I’m Quitting Being a Blogger So That I Can Be a Writer

Jessie Rosen - December 6, 2017

I started this blog for three reasons: 1.Because Pierson told me to start this blog. We were gchatting and emailing to no end about all the confusions of post-college life and he said, we should start a blog. For the record I said, I don’t know if that’s a good idea… And then a day later, But if we’re starting this blog then it has to be called 20-Nothings.  …

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How To Hate All Men, But Love Your Husband

Jessie Rosen - November 30, 2017

Last night my friend Amy turned to me during a boys-behaving-badly scene in a movie we were watching and said, “I hate all men.”   And I said, “I hate all men, too.” And then, under my breath, I said the very next thing that popped into my mind: But not my husband. My husband is a wonderful man in a very real and non gender specific …

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The Beginning of The End of The Blog

Jessie Rosen - November 13, 2017

December 8th marks the 10th birthday of this blog, my blog. I’ve decided it will also be the last official day of posting. After a full decade of writing, it’s time for this chapter to come to an end. Why?  Because 10 years is an amount of time that makes me incredibly proud. Because new creative projects have become important to me, like focusing more …

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Meet My New “Student”: The Canswer Man

Jessie Rosen - November 2, 2017

A few months ago my Dad called. “Was it all a bad dream?” I asked before I even said hello. He laughed but said no. This was not his own Bob Newart moment. He did, as the doctors had suspected, have cancer. I’m sure we both said a lot of other things after that, but I don’t remember anything until this: “But, I have an …

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Evelyn Saves America: Part IV

Jessie Rosen - October 27, 2017

Evelyn’s still at it, this time with even more help. [If you missed the earlier Evelyn Saves America stories you can find Parts I through III in links at the bottom of this story] — “Hi, I’m Judge,” Judge said as he slumped into the back of Daniel’s car. Evelyn was in the front passenger seat next to Daniel. She told him she felt strange making …

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How Could We Have Brought Down the Sexual Assaulters Sooner?

Jessie Rosen - October 25, 2017

Like many/most/hopefully all people, I am blown away by the recent takedown of prominent and serial sexual assaulters in this country. It started with Harvey Weinstein but already fashion photographer Terry Richardson has been banned by brands Valentino, Bulgari and publisher Vogue Conde Nast, an LA Times article outed Bugsy writer James Toback (more than 200 accusers), and Amazon Studios executive Roy Price resigned following sexual harassment allegations. Now articles …

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RIP AOL IM, and thanks

Jessie Rosen - October 17, 2017

Sometime in the spring of my freshman year of high school I sat down with the big glossary of musical terms that we kept in the living room and started the search for the perfect AOL AIM screen name. [Was it called a screen name? Hey, what’s your screen name? Or. Hey, what’s your IM name? That sounds more like it, but I can’t 100% …

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Evelyn Saves America: Part III

Jessie Rosen - October 11, 2017

I’ve been doing these free writes as if I am Evelyn and I’m making the moves I would make in this same completely insane scenario that makes me very happy. So far I keep having new ideas of what I’d do next, hence another little post. — The group had been meeting in the back booth at the Panera Bread on West Main Street every …

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Evelyn Saves America: Part II

Jessie Rosen - October 9, 2017

A little more from the Evelyn Saves America story, because that’s what came out during another free write.  — Evelyn did not really know where to begin with this little project because she had never been a criminal. She had been a secretary at the Newtown Board of Education, then a mother, and then run the front office for her husband’s landscaping business. This was …

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