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Why I Flashed Melrose Ave on the Most Important Night of My Career

November 18, 2015

What Aziz Ansari Taught Me About Motherhood

November 18, 2015

Hump Day Help: Aziz, a diet, a smooth foot, a laugh

November 18, 2015

Back with more help to get you through this chilly mid-week slug. Here’s Hump Day Help, November 18th edition.

Watch this new Aziz Ansari series


You know how you’re always watching out-of-touch comedies and screaming where is the depiction of the modern American 30-something experience?! At the TV? Just me? Well Master of None is that show and Aziz is brilliant as its lead.

Check out the Fit Girl family


It’s a website. It’s a series of books. It’s a “movement” supporting body positivity through slow change that works best for your lifestyle. I downloaded the free Fit Girl Holiday Survival Guide, and am checking out the rest this week. Stay-tuned.

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 9.46.05 AM

Buy this True Blue Spa foot cream


Nothing worse that a painful, cracked heel inside an already dry and itchy sock…someone told me. This stuff works. Use it nightly.

Enjoy this genius Billy On The Street sketch


ALL DAY LONG. There’s a lot of pain in the world right now. This doesn’t make it all better, but I promise it will make you smile.

that's a Sean Penn balloon

that’s a Sean Penn balloon


Best of luck out there today. See you for a much better tomorrow.


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