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A Gift from My God

February 11, 2008

Time’s tricking

February 11, 2008

Monday: a new approach

February 11, 2008

It was the kind of weekend that I can’t blog about because there’s a chance my little sisters read this. No earth-shattering revelations. No significant self-reflection. Just alcohol, haze, and two bagels with bacon, egg, & and cheese.

Thus today, something different. In lieu of deep thoughts, here are interesting snippets (to me at least). Besides having nothing appropriate to post, I figure not everyone finds 500-word essays on my apartment helpful to overcoming 20-something life.

For Self confidence

“Jake Sasseville, the host and creator of a fledgling late-night show called The Edge With Jake Sasseville, is standing in his office, just back from lunch, when his assistant, Gina, walks in holding a bank statement. A camera is trained on him as he realizes his checking account is overdrawn by $2,500. It’s Thursday afternoon in November, and payroll—a $30,000 tab—is due the next day.”

For Bar conversation
-Tractor company John Deer is doing a denim line for people who “want to look like they work the land.”

-Paul Revere hats are making a comeback. This is not a joke.

-Nearly half of British men would give up sex for 6 months in exchange for a 50 inch plasma tv.

For Procrastination:


For General life improvement:
La Vie en Rose and Eastern Promises both recently came out on DVD. The former: a biopic of famous French singer Edith Piaf – heartbreaking, but excellent. The latter: a modern, fast-paced Godfather set in London. Rent them both but watch with caution. Not really your “feel good” films.

We’re All Fucked, but we deserve it:

“Some users have discovered that it is nearly impossible to remove themselves entirely from Facebook, setting off a fresh round of concern over the popular social network’s use of personal data.”

Line of the weekend:

“I’d say call me but I seem to have lost my phone so I guess just, I don’t know, look around for me. I’m usually downtown.”

Note: I may have fallen off the wagon this weekend, but I did figure out how to include links and an image in this post. I think I net out ahead.

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  1. Seriously? British men would give up sex for 6 months for a larger TV? Being the scientific researcher/social anthropologist (ha…I wish!) that I am, I have multiple questions about the scientific validity of the study.

    1. Are these men getting laid in the first place? The British aren’t necessarily known as a “kinky” group of people.

    2. If they are getting laid, how good is it really? (again, see point number 1)

    3. What are these men watching? If it’s another episode of Mr. Bean, then there’s cause for concern. If Mr. Bean somehow meets Debbie from Dallas, then it makes sense.

    I’d like to see this study done here with a group of American males who are regularly getting some action. Would you give up sex for 6 months for a larger TV?

    As I’m writing this, I’m trying to think what would be comparable to 6 months of celibacy for girls. Somehow, I feel as though we’ve had this conversation on the large, wrap around plaid couch from the mod, and I have a vague recollection of being able to come up with a bevy of alternatives. How awesome for us.

    PS Jessie, I’m liking the change up. And well done figuring out the blog hyperlinks. I’m thoroughly impressed.

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