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December 13, 2012

I am both completely prepared and totally ill-equipped to raise a child

December 13, 2012

All I Want For Christmas: 2012 Edition

December 13, 2012
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Aside from world peace, a healthy 2013, and a puppy for R (that I magically don’t have to walk!), here is what I would like to receive in commemoration for a day that is in no way my birthday.

(Apologies in advance to the people who have already purchased my 2012 Christmas gifts. I forgot this blog post was a “tradition” until I couldn’t think of anything to write today and looked back into the archives.) 

  • Phillip Phillip’s CD – I don’t want to buy the good singles on iTunes. I want the physical CD so I can stare at the cover featuring that scruffy, baby-faced, tragically-named Idol winner.
  • For the leaders of our nation to do the right thing regarding this whole fiscal cliff situation – I don’t personally think “the right thing” is open to interpretation, so I’m leaving it at that. 
  • See above. Replace “leaders of this nation” with “Supreme Court Justices” and “fiscal cliff” with “DOMA/Prop 8.” Same explanation applies.
  • An actual sock bun device (Like This One, but in Brown Hair) – Because I’m currently using a sock rolled into a sock bun shape, and it’s not really working. 
  • For Donna Tartt (author of The Secret History and The Little Friend) to come out with another book – Those two are really SO good, and I’d like to another.
  • Tickets to a So You Think You Can Dance!! live taping I don’t know when it’s coming back, and I don’t know that it will be taping in L.A. when it does return. All I know is that I must be present for a live show, finally. Note: tickets to the SYTYCD tour would also be nice, but cannot serve as a stand-in for the live show experience.   
  • And on a related note: This T-Shirt  -NappyTabs fo’ LIFE! 
  • For Meg Ryan to make another really good movie – or go to television already. I miss her so much sometimes… 
  • For Chris Messina to NOT make another movie (or TV Show) of any kind – Seven films in 2012, and I’m still not convinced that he’s not also in Lincoln. Spread the wealth, guy!
  • The Vidalia Chopper (As Seen on TV) – I AM tired of all those tears, plus I still have no idea how to properly cut an onion. 
  • To go to The Esalen Institute – Mostly for the massages and/or late-night hot springs, but also because I hear it’s like stepping into a crazy, 70s cult in there! 
  • A DVD compilation of all seasons of House Hunters International – Or if that’s too hard for you to execute, HGTV, could you at least start running them all day every day?  
  • A lifetime supply of this wine – I keep a picture of it on my iPhone at all times so I can show it to the waiter at every restaurant that offers wine. 

Happy Shopping!


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