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How To Become A Writer…maybe…I think?

May 30, 2013

Posts #800: The Last Hundred Mark Before The End

May 30, 2013

How Pinterest is Saving Slash Ruining My Wedding

May 30, 2013

You guys know Pinterest, right? The online image-board hub where you now spend 75% of your procrastination time?

Then you probably know that Pinterest has a Wedding category, right? The place where the life-long DIY challenged go to fool themselves into thinking they can build their own photo booth using cardboard, smelly markers and fishing wire?

Well since getting engaged I’ve come to LOVE and HATE Pinterest on a whole new level. I have literally not been so torn about a single thing since super high-waisted jeans came back in style (I love them, they hate my thighs).

It’s just SO MUCH amazing information and inspiration, but also TOO MUCH information and inspiration.

Here – in another in this new series of wedding-related posts – is precisely what I love and what I hate about this completely optional not-at-all necessary Internet tool that I now visit 20-50 times per day:

  • LOVE: You can very easily share all the ideas for your wedding with you family back east!
  • HATE: Unless you make your boards private (which I can’t seem to figure out how to day) you can very easily share all of your wedding ideas with the entire world. 

  • LOVE: I never ever would have thought about all this insane DIY ideas that brides post. I mean do you know that you can make your own aisle runner with butcher paper??
  • HATE: I now believe I can make my own aisle runner out of butcher paper…and my own potted herb favors…and my own embroidered handkerchiefs for all the guests…and my own two dozen framed chalkboards for all the signage…

  • LOVE: It’s super helpful to find fitness tips for slimming down before the big day among the images of gorgeous bridal gowns that one must slim down for.
  • HATE: It’s super annoying to find selfies of other brides’ abs as the cover shot for those tips…
  • LOVE: Before browsing through Pinterest I had a general sense of what kind of wedding I’d like to have style, location and color-wise.
  • HATE: After browsing through Pinterest I now have 1,543 senses of what kind of wedding I’d like to have style, location and color-wise.
  • LOVE: The great things about Pinterest is that there are always new things to look at – every minute of every day some far-more-stylish than me bride is posting a photo that I just don’t want to miss.
  • HATE: See above. Pretend you’re my screenplay that’s nowhere near written…

And so I’m trying to temper my obsession with this mecca of clickable images. So far I only have boards for Venues, Dresses and General Style. That’s normal, right? I mean “JohnnysGirl05” has way more boards than that…though I do really love her rehearsal dinner concepts board. Guys, she made her own cheese for the dinner. I wonder if I could learn how to do that…


  1. I am getting married in September and I know EXACTLY what you are talking about!!! 🙂

    My wedding board is private, which is so easy to do! I think that when you go to make a new board, and you go to “type of board” in the drop down box, I am pretty sure “secret” is a category and it locks it up! I did this because I don’t want to see every bride on the face of the planet repinning my things. I mean, come on — I know it’s happening, but I just don’t want to KNOW it’s happening, you know? 🙂

    Congrats — and I hope this helps!!

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