How To Survive Your 20’s, As Far As I’m Concerned

August 7, 2013

The First, 30-Nothings Post: What It Feels Like To Turn 30

August 7, 2013

INTRODUCING 20-Nothings, the book & 30-Nothings, the blog

August 7, 2013
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We did it. 

Well, I did it, but I feel like somehow I couldn’t have done it without your help & support. 

Today I am 30. That R.E.M song keeps playing over and over in my head – naturally? – but instead of “I feel fine” I keep singing “I feel awesome.” Happy, healthy, Lucky, loved, and awesome. And isn’t that how we should all feel at any age?

I’ll be spending today reading beside a pool that overlooks the city, lunching with one of my favorite people, getting the world’s best cheap massage, and then eating all-you-can-eat mussels with my main man. After all that we’ll fly on the red eye back home to New Jersey to do it all again tomorrow with all of my family. How’s that for indulgent? I think just right.

And then what happens after that? As the new blog header indicates – the exact same thing with a slightly different title (and soon some fun, new art). This little project has changed my life a dozen times over, so I can only assume it will keep delivering back all that joy and then some as I navigate this next decade.

20-Nothings will still be here online, but why not buy yourself a little birthday gift for me? 20-Nothings the book is available now on It’s full of all my favorite posts with new ed notes reflecting back and looking forward. Grab one today! Amazon is offering it at a special, somehow-they-know-its-my-birthday? price!

And finally – THANK YOU. This has been so, so fun and rewarding because you’ve been out there asking questions, making comments, and saying “yeah, I feel that way too.” There’s no greater gift a writer can receive than the feeling that people understand what they’re working so hard to say. You’ve given me that a thousand times over, and that has, in turn, given me the confidence to keep on writing.

Off to celebrate and enjoy a little vacation. Be back as 30-Nothings very soon.


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