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The Right-Sized Make-up That Changed My Life: 7 Days with Stowaway

Jessie Rosen - October 27, 2015

Seven days ago I would have called myself “low maintenance” in the beauty department. I use a few products every day, I’d have claimed. I touch-up only when necessary, I’d have thought. Most days I don’t even wear lipstick; that part is true because it always comes off . Apparently I don’t know myself very well because one delivery from the team at Stowaway Cosmetics changed my …

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Gold Nails, Greeting Cards, Late Night Safety + Vegan Cheese

Jessie Rosen - August 26, 2015

New series! Two things have been going on lately. 1. I’ve been slugging through my Wednesdays more so than usual. There’s a lot of work on my plate, and that makes Wednesday feel more brutal than usual. 2. I have been receiving some great e-mails regarding products to test out and and share. Sometimes I’ll include those here, and I’ll always specify that they were …

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