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October 27, 2015

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October 27, 2015

The Right-Sized Make-up That Changed My Life: 7 Days with Stowaway

October 27, 2015

Seven days ago I would have called myself “low maintenance” in the beauty department. I use a few products every day, I’d have claimed. I touch-up only when necessary, I’d have thought. Most days I don’t even wear lipstick; that part is true because it always comes off .

Apparently I don’t know myself very well because one delivery from the team at Stowaway Cosmetics changed my game. Or rather, showed me where it was broken and fixed it with six right-sized products I could hold in the palm of my hand (see proof above).

Turns out I not only use a ton of products every day but they were big and bulky which is why I didn’t cart them around to re-apply.

Enter the Stowaway Kit. You build it with the colors of your choice. They send it in a super cute box.



Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 9.28.31 PM


Here is how my first 7 days went down:


I remove all giant products from giant grandma make-up bag and replace with my Stowaway Kit. There is so much room in my gma bag that I switch it out for the tiny pouch inside my tote bag that previously just held hair ties. All the product fits with so much room to spare that I purchase Mini Altoids, extra hair ties and a small hand lotion just to fill it out.

My new pouch and I enjoy a lovely day of meetings today. I re-apply BB Cream once (because it was still 100 degrees in L.A. at that point) and lipstick once (in 10 hours).



Stowaway Kit (SK) and I head to a Flywheel class where I would normally cart in a giant gym bag to accommodate my change of clothes (for a meeting right after) and all my beauty bootie. Instead I opt to wear a jumpsuit with flats. That plus my SK fit inside my work tote with my computer and my notebook and my phone AND A BOTTLE OF WATER. 



My one conflict with my SK is that my concealer brush (now used for my flawless BB Cream) is too large so I go to Sephora and buy a mini brush to match my kit. I tell all the girls at Sephora about my SK. They are clearly jealous.



Things are going too well so I decide to put my SK to an impossible-to-beat test. Can it all fit inside my favorite vintage clutch so I have the chance to re-apply mid fancy dinner? YES IT CAN. Do I need to re-apply mid fancy dinner? No but someday I might (read: the night I accept my Oscar), so it’s good to know I have an option on the ready.



I decide to wear all my old favorite make-up to test the difference between the products. It’s bigger! It’s more expensive! It must look and feel better. Nope. Nope it does not.



I teach a writing class at WritingPad. Two people compliment me on my lipstick (I went with the scarlet shade because I’m trying to be bolder in general). I re-applied BB Cream post lunch run (still hot…), blush post first class (didn’t put quite enough on, I decided), and add more mascara post second class en route to a dinner (dinner requires a fancier eye, as you know). Did I need to re-apply all those times? No. But why wouldn’t I? My make-up is god damned adorable and it’s right there at my finger tips.


I went no where from morning until evening but I still wore my BB Cream and Cheek & Lip Rouge (btw that’s technically two lipsticks) because I love it.


I am not one for over-exaggerated reviews, as you know. But this is a simple concept done brilliantly and to make matters even better all the products are always paraben, phthalate, and cruelty-free plus EU compliant (don’t freak; their standards are far higher than ours).

The holidays are around the corner. I know what most-if-not-all of the women in my life are getting. I recommend you consider the same, but not before you buy yourself one – and a teeny tiny cosmetics bag to flaunt it in!

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