4 Pieces of Advice I Gave An Aspiring Writer/Performer

Jessie Rosen - February 7, 2017

Yesterday I chatted with an aspiring writer/performer about how the hell she’s going to become a successful writer/performer. This motivated, passionate, go-getter went to my alma mater, Boston College (so very sorry Matt Ryan…). She found her way to me through my sister who was in her same a cappella group that has an alumni network she used to ask if anyone could help her …

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How Toni Morrison is a Writer & You Can Be Anything

Jessie Rosen - January 30, 2017

I caught an NPR interview with novelist Toni Morrison as I was driving home yesterday. Did you know that Toni Morrison – the Nobel Prize, Pulitzer Prize and Presidential Medal of Freedom winning writer (among a million other awards) did not start writing until she was 39 years old?! Also her real name is Chloe but it accidentally changed to Toni, which is short for …

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Teaching Myself To Read, Again

Jessie Rosen - January 16, 2017
learning to read

So in a pretty bummer turn of events, I no longer know how to read. Words, yes. Sentences, for the most part. But full paragraphs, an article, a book – no way. This may seem surprising slash impossible because I am a writer. I deal in words all day every day, on purpose and for money. But I can’t read those either which proves this isn’t …

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No Time To Write? Have An Affair

Jessie Rosen - January 27, 2016

[*5,000 points if you can identify 1. this “have an affair” related photo and 2. the other, world’s-best-movie it inspired] Three (exciting) things lead to this (kind of weird) blog post. One – I started a new job last week (!!!) that has me in a writers room working for much of the day. This is the first time I’ve spent that much time away from …

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How To Organize A Writer’s Retreat

admin - December 2, 2015

Re-posting this oldie but goodie in honor of the quickie writer’s retreat I’m on with my friend Melissa. The featured photo is the ACE HOTEL + SWIM CLUB in Palm Springs, which is where we’re retreating. Hey, if you’re going to write for 6 hours straight you may as well do it in paradise. Other than the venue change from our earlier retreat to Big …

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Jessie Rosen - November 11, 2015
Ya Novel Dead Ringer

It’s finally the big day. DEAD RINGER is here.     You can buy my debut YA novel right now and start reading on your favorite digital device immediately. Just click on the BUY IT NOW button you see on the bottom right of this fancy screen grab. It has a scintillating preview of the book’s GONE GIRL meets PRETTY LITTLE LIARS plot, just in case you need more …

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