Win the DEAD RINGER Cali Girl Swag Bag!

Jessie Rosen - November 9, 2015

TWO DAYS until the official DEAD RINGER release (11/11!), and we’re ramping up the excitement with an insane giveaway – the DEAD RINGER Cali Girl Swag Bag. Why “Cali Girl”? Because it’s filled with goodies that my main character Laura Rivers would totally covet. Why “Swag Bag”? It’s a little homage to the first sentence of the book. Deep breath, big smile, and remember: it’s …

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How To Write A Novel While Raising A Puppy

Jessie Rosen - November 5, 2015

[Yes. It’s come to this. I’ve gone so far as to write a blog post about how to write a novel while raising a puppy to promote my novel. I am a publicity monster.] Before I get started let me be very clear about the fact that I DO NOT recommend writing a novel while raising a puppy. It should be avoided AT ALL COST, …

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The Best Writing Spots in LA: 2015 Edition

admin - November 3, 2015

  In honor of the DEAD RINGER release I’m revamping this old post to reflect my new favorite writing spots in LA. Old intro:  As a writer I spend a good amount of time in coffee shops. This is mostly because they offer space to write at the (sometimes) small fee of a cup of Joe, but it’s also because I feel far less cool …

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10 Simple Ways To Help My YA Novel Today

Jessie Rosen - November 2, 2015

Ten days from today is November 11th or the day my very first YA novel DEAD RINGER is released to the world. I am excited. I am nervous. I am in need of a little bit of help. If you are a massage therapist, expert in relaxation through meditation or own a vodka company, please reach out to me directly. Everyone else -in honor of the …

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My #1 Tip For Beating Writer’s Block

Jessie Rosen - October 20, 2015

Have I mentioned that I have a novel coming out in a few short weeks, that it’s called DEAD RINGER and that you can pre-order it TODAY via Okay good. Just quadruple checking on that. I fought through plenty of writer’s block working on the manuscript. Though, according to my favorite quote about writer’s block, there’s no such thing.   “I don’t believe in …

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My Favorite Lesson from the #GirlBoss Book

Jessie Rosen - October 13, 2015

Image from I decided to download Nasty Gal creator Sophia Amoruso‘s book #GirlBoss yesterday afternoon because I’m feeling in need of a little push/gut check/inspiration? Not sure. I’m stuck in this I’m not making enough money…why am I not making enough money?…how can I turn all the hours of work I do into more money rut, which is less of a rut of more of …

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5 Ways the World Could Make It Easier To Become a Writer

Jessie Rosen - September 29, 2015

Image via: My friend Liz recently sent me an article written by the phenomenal essayist and author Meghan Daum. It’s called My Misspent Youth (Daum has a book by the same name), and it’s written just before she leaves New York for Lincoln, Nebraska – 70,000+ in debt despite successes most writers spend their lives envying. It’s about the fact that life as a writer is …

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Introducing My YA Novel!

Jessie Rosen - September 10, 2015

Today is a really exciting day. As I’ve hinted at for the past year and a half, I wrote a YA novel and to make matters even more exciting, the fine people at Full Fathom Five published it! Look! Here it is on their website! They included a picture of me (by the great Jenny Anderson) so you can be sure this is all true information. …

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My Tragic Flaw Confession: I Need To Nap

Jessie Rosen - August 20, 2015

(perfect photo via Mommas Gone City) Confession: I need to nap roughly four out of seven days a week. Bigger confession: I feel wildly guilty about this need to nap and pretend like it doesn’t happen. Yesterday I said, out loud, to my dog, “SShh, we need to nap for a bit but don’t tell anyone.” This is a problem for a number of reasons but let’s focus on …

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7 Questions about How To Be a Novelist: with Stephanie Clifford

Jessie Rosen - August 18, 2015

As you may know from the thousand blog posts I’ve written on the topic (see below for links!), my first novel is WRITTEN and coming out very, very soon. Many more details to come on that exciting development, but in the meantime I thought I’d support my colleague the talented Stephanie Clifford on her fantastic debut novel Everybody Rise – a fun and twisty tale of high society …

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