My 80-year-old dentist on online dating

January 30, 2009

They tell me it’s courting season

January 30, 2009

Starch-Crossed Lovers

January 30, 2009
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By popular demand, here is the Laundro-Matt story in its entirety.

My dry cleaner offered to set me up
Here’s what happened with my dry cleaner offering to set me up
An Open Letter to Matt, my future boyfriend
The Matt Log: week Four, still no Matt
Matt-tics. It’s like tactics but I’ve replaced the “tact” with “Matt”
I now know the identity of Matt
This is the Matt post I may eventually have to delete
The Laundro-Matt Lie
The truth will set you freak
What’s missing is the post about how he responded almost instantly to my email with a really friendly, sweet, fun response about how he’d love to get together for a drink. I can’t find that one in my files, ironically…
Then this:
The Laundro-Matt Afterward
Enjoy! I know I did.
*thanks to John K for the title.


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