7 Ways To Love Yourself

Jessie Rosen - February 14, 2017

I don’t know when the term self-love was invented, but I’m really psyched in happened in my heyday [heyday here being defined as old enough to understand it, young enough to accept it]. Conceptually I think self-love is mission critical – the mission being to have a happy, healthy life with as few enemies as possible. I am one of those people (read: millennials that moved to …

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Korean Spa Body Scrubs: An Act Of Female Empowerment

Jessie Rosen - January 13, 2017
korean spa

How familiar are you with the Korean Spa system/process/universe? It’s impossible to describe but here’s me trying in a piece I wrote about my first experience. The title is How The Naked Spa Changed My Clothed Life. Bold statement, and apparently easily reversed. Turns out body confidence fleets because I wrote the below post yesterday AM after my Wednesday night spa sesh. So, once more, here …

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My Hero Before Hillary: Mrs. Nancy Wallace

Jessie Rosen - October 26, 2016

I’ve been thinking a lot about heroes lately – what it means to be one, what it means to have one and who a few of mine have been. Yes, it’s this endless election that triggered the thought. But it isn’t because a hero of mine is leaving the White House and another is very likely entering. It’s because a hero gave me my love …

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The Difference Between Sex & Intimacy

Jessie Rosen - June 8, 2016
the bachelorette sex talks

What I learned about sex hosting a group date on The Bachelorette.   Three months ago I stood in front of 12 of the most attractive men I’ve ever seen and told them that they needed to talk about sex…in public. It was one part of my long and wild day hosting a group date on ABC’s The Bachelorette. Their task was to give a …

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Is My Most Important Career Choice My Husband?

Jessie Rosen - May 11, 2016

Last month I finally read Sheryl Sandberg’s book Lean In. I’m embarrassed to admit it was last month and not when it came out four years ago because I listened to the negative press instead of making my own evaluation. Shame on me because I missed out on years of having a more gender-informed perspective on the working world that might have changed a lot of the ways I …

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Marriage Mistake: I Fought With My Husband Instead Of My Actual Opponent

Jessie Rosen - April 20, 2016

A few weeks ago I had a frustration about a business situation that prompted a marriage mistake that became a teaching moment that is now a blog post. The details aren’t important. Bottom line: I needed to stand up for myself, but I was afraid of being a squeaky wheel. Stay-tuned for an upcoming novella on me versus squeaky wheel syndrome. For now just know that I have …

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Remembering My Poppop: My Modern-day Buddha

Jessie Rosen - March 31, 2016

Last week we lost my Poppop. I say we lost him and not “he passed” or “he died” because it feels like he went missing. Six weeks ago he was driving to my parents’ house for Sunday dinner and TV watching (football when it was football season, DVR’ed So You Think You Can Dance when my sisters could sneak it in). Three months ago he …

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The Sex on the Third Date Debate

Jessie Rosen - February 17, 2016

Last week my colleagues and I had a fascinating conversation about whether or not it is fair/wise/dumb/ridiculous to expect sex on the third date. No, this was not a writer’s room tangent; this was an important part of our work for that day! To back it up a bit, the conversation started around the discussion of expectations going into the third date. Someone said, “oh, …

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The Girlfriend’s Guide to Star Wars: Part I

Jessie Rosen - December 8, 2015

So you lied to your boyfriend/fiancé/husband about having seen Star Wars… Me too. Though, I swear I only claimed to have seen the first one (which is apparently the fourth one?). I just remembered it including things that are in the third one (which is apparently the sixth one?). This all would have gone unquestioned, but they had to go and make a seventh one (which is in …

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