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June 7, 2010

Why (one girl thinks) everything we believe about dating is wrong

June 7, 2010

What I Learned At My 5 Year College Reunion

June 7, 2010
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To say that my friends and I have been preparing for 5 year college reunion since we left Boston College 5 years ago isn’t an exaggeration. It is a momentous occasion. So momentous that some people will fly to it from Chicago the day before their business school finals begin aanndd others will drive from South Boston at 8:30am just to be on campus the minute registration opens. The amount of G-mail chains it took to make these three days happen is down-right embarrassing.

Here – with an attempt at incriminating (most) people – is what the weekend taught me:

  • NOT drinking 7 nights a week (and eating late-night 40-50% of those) does wonders for people’s general appearance.
  • It is really, really nice to be able to say, “I am a lawyer” or “I am a doctor” or “I am a teacher” when people ask you what you’re up to. “I work in media doing sort of branded-entertainment and integrated marketing projects and also do some writing on the site but am ultimately trying to…” – you get it.
  • There is no age at which people will stop breaking into places you tell them they can’t go. Just leave everything open. It’ll be easier for everyone.
  • Being limited to two nights of partying is very dangerous. As Pierson put it, “what saved us from the 2am-5am mistake every night of college was that you had to see everyone in class the next day.”
  • If you make this announcement – “Attention everyone: the bar will be closing in 4 minutes” – you need to purchase enough beer for what will follow…
  • It remains almost impossible to dance on the 2 inch, wooden arm of a couch and not fall off
  • If your name is John Kennedy you are a God-of-a-man and excellent source of publicity for this blog. (How was that?)
  • Everyone knows everything about what everyone’s been doing for the past five years because of Facebook making it completely acceptable to say, “Hey! Looks like Law school’s been a blast! Sorry to see you’re not dating that blonde guy you were with in all those pictures your first year. Oh, and awesome pictures from you trip to India!” Or, at least, it got acceptable after about midnight.
  • Purchasing nips for consumption in transit from one activity to the next saves nights.
  • Speed quarters with a mixture of Roggie Bowls and beer at 5pm ruins them.
  • Someone will always fall for the “no pants party” invite. Well played, T.K.
  • And – and brace for over-sentimentality – if you work hard at keeping in touch with all the friends that made your college experience perfect, reunion isn’t sad or awkward or depressing at all – it’s just a three day re-live of the time of your life.

Let the countdown to the 10-year begin.


  1. This was fab… wish my uni did a five-year! Got the 10-yr HS coming up and really thinking I might skip that ordeal.

  2. AHAH!

    those were definitely some great things to keep in mind at your 5 yr anniversary.

    Unfortanetly, I’ve only got a 10 yr reunion to worry about.

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