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July 1, 2013

The Older The Age, The Shorter The Time Before You’re Engaged?

July 1, 2013

Bonus Post: The 30 Days ’til 30 Challenge

July 1, 2013
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Today is the first day of July, and July is the month directly before my birthday month, August, and this August I’ll be celebrating my 30th birthday (in case you missed the barrage of posts about it), meaning today marks one month before the end of my 20s.

It’s cool. I’m not feeling completely and totally over-dramatic about it or anything. I don’t, like, want to make some kind of dumb bucket list of things to accomplish in the final month before the end of an incredible decade of my life. That would be ridiculous…and setting myself up for even more drama…and probably end up costing me a ton of unnecessary money…

Things I’d Like To Do Before I Turn 30
(When have I ever been able to help myself?)  
Stay up all night partying
Miserable as this sounds (even though it was my idea), I feel the need to ring out the decade of oats sowing with one final all-night fest. This will bring my all-nighters total to four: one college paper cram session, one pre-college graduation night sunrise tradition, one NYC night that ended with a religion debate at a felafel stand. This time, if it happens at all, I’ll have to take a three hour nap in the afternoon and down at least two coffees around 9pm. Totally worth it!
Go out to dinner wearing a midriff top
You know those bra tops that are technically being worn as shirts right now? Celebs and mom-defying teenagers wear them with high waisted skirts so there’s a little more than sliver of skin showing? I want to wear one of those out of the house, in the company of others, to a function that’s a step above walking-along-the-crazy-part-of-the-Venice-boardwalk. I view this as an exercise in overcoming self-confidence before turning 30, but it’s probably just an excuse to pretend I’m a celebrity, in public. It seems likely this will happen because I recently bought one such style of top at the H&M. It was $5. Win, win!
Make sushi
I’ve wanted to make my own sushi forever, we have the sushi making kit sitting on the top of the fridge and a gift certificate to Santa Monica Seafood collecting cob webs in my desk drawer. I view this to-do item as something I should have done for years so may as well make happen in 30 days on account of a birthday that has no bearing on my cooking abilities. 
Go blonder on the bottom of my hair
Two years ago I jumped on the ombra hair highlights trend (which was at that point, four years old). On August 2nd I have an appointment to re-do my dye, and I’m going to go a little lighter for fun! That’s all.
Send a letter to Mrs. Lokitz, the teacher who made me a writer
I don’t quite know how I’m going to pull this off, but I think of Mrs. Lokitz all the time, and now feels like as good a time as any to let her know how the assignments in her 6th grade classroom changed my life. I would appreciate any and all help from the readers of this blog, unless Mrs. Lokitz is among those readers, in which case I’m one step closer to my goal. 
Play tennis 
Not, like, professionally or even “well.” I just mean play one round of tennis, probably with R who is the only person I can stand the thought of showing my tennis skills. I can’t enter my 30s playing zero sports, and I don’t think “gym volleyball” counts anymore. Maybe if it goes well I have a sport to enjoy through my 30s. Changes of that happening are slim, but this list is about getting things done not keeping them up. 
Open a Roth IRA
If you are thinking, you don’t have a Roth IRA yet?! I know, and I’m sorry. If you are thinking, why do you think you need a Roth IRA, spend a little time researching Roth IRAs. If you’re thinking, how am I going to afford to lose money on my current salary of not enough money, you are the voice inside my head, and I already told you we’d work it out. 
Read one of the 30 books everyone should read before turning 30 that I haven’t already read.
Here is that list. I’m embarrassed to call out my full list of options here, so let’s just say, if you have a suggestion, chances are I’m in a position to take it…  
Watch Steel Magnolias
Steel Magnolias is perhaps my favorite movie of all time, and it always reminds me of how I hope to be as a friend, daughter, mother and wife. I feel like I should watch it before entering the next phase of adulthood. Maybe I can work that into all-nighter night…
Get rid of everything in my closet that I never wear
It pains me to write that because some clothes are in there just for nostalgia sake. Maybe I’ll put those in a box so they’re not technically in my closet, but there’s still in my possession… Either way, I don’t want to walk into my closet and think, ugh, I’d wear that super cute dress if it didn’t look terrible on me anymore. 
Print out all the important pictures from my Facebook
This is a beast of task, but I realized the other day after looking through an album of my baby-self that I don’t own physical copies of most pictures from the past five years of my life. That seems risky. It’s also really lovely to look through a photo album. And finally, there’s a chance Facebook an implode any day at any time. I apologize for the fear that may have induced. 
Outline that feature film I’ve been mulling over for at least three years
I don’t have time to write it right now, but if I don’t at least get the idea into a word document, I’ll start to forget it. 
Ride on a Vespa
I have always wanted to ride on a Vespa, except that I’m afraid of riding on Vespas. It was a real issue while I was studying abroad in Italy. I could have had dozens of Italian boyfriends, but I refused to get on their motociclista’s. This is an irrational fear because Vespas are generally safe, especially when driven by safe Vespa drivers. Now I just need to find said safe Vespa drive and beg him (or her) for a ride. 
Hike to the Hollywood sign
This can be done here in L.A. but I’m always too lazy to do it. Considering I will be even more lazy once I turn 30, I should do it within the next month. 
Eat an entire banana
Just kidding! I hate bananas. I almost gagged just writing the sentence, “eat an entire banana.” Ugh there I goes again!  
I’m not going to do some ridiculous check-list item because I’m turning one year older. Absolutely nothing will happen the day I’m 30+ one day that changes anything about my person. Why would I add a silly bucket list item that defies who I am for the sole purpose of proving that I “can” before the age clock strikes 3-0??
Develop some semblance of levelheadedness around turning 30

I think I’ll have an easier time choking back a banana…
Wish me luck! Updates to come!


  1. If you are actually concerned about Facebook as holder of all your memories (reasonable), be aware that you can (and should!!!) download all your info. I do it annually. Under “account settings,” at the bottom of “general account settings,” there’s “download a copy of your Facebook data.” Seriously, do it now.

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