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September 16, 2015

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September 16, 2015

Hump Day Help: Skin Dew, Message Movers, On Demand Sweat, Spray Paint

September 16, 2015

Spreading some Hump Day Help again, this time in the form of four “products” that I’ve come to love. No money or gifts exchanged on these, just honest free advertising!

Beauty CounterSkin Dew

My all-time favorite tinted moisturizer with SPF that’s light enough to wear all day but has enough coverage to serve as make-up. And better yet, all Beauty Counter products are made with the safest, non-toxic ingredients to protect your skin and body. 

Class Pass!

I’ve become a super fan of this on-demand work out class system sweeping the nation (or at least the Los Angeles area). Hundreds of classes ranging from spin or cross fit to pilates or dance. I went from exercising once a week at a gym I hated to four times a week, minimum, at 10 studios I love. Also R calls it Ass Pass because he says all the classes are all about ass. He might be right. 

Meathead Movers

This Cali-based moving company will help transition any victim of domestic violence out of the home for FREE and has affiliations with shelters to help re-settle the person once moved. They’re also encouraging businesses across the country to make a similar pledge of services to help domestic abuse victims. But to be clear, they’re also a traditional moving company. Incredible. #MoveToEndDV

Rust-oleum Paint and Primer Spray Paint

Doing a little apartment improvement this week and am living and dying by this insta-gold in a spray can. No priming. One-two coats. Magic. I use Pure Gold because duh, but they have 1,000 metallic shades, and boring regular colors too. Here’s a link to 10 amazing IKEA Hacks Using Gold Spray Paint from Anna Abode


Happy Wednesday everyone. If you’re in LA, feel free to drink an extra glass of water today. It rained!

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