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My Favorite Lesson from the #GirlBoss Book

October 14, 2015

7 Things You’re Allowed to Splurge On

October 14, 2015

Hump Day Help: Songs, Shops, Puppies, Jem!

October 14, 2015

Has it been 125 degrees and 225% humidity where are are for the past two months straight? If so – hello neighbors! – and I recommend not working at all on this Hump Day and celebrating the fact that it’s only going to be 88 degrees and 50% humidity by sitting in your house and watching Casual on Hulu (go Michaela Watkins!). For everyone else here are four happy little tidbits to get you over the hump.

Listen to


Kelly Fauth’s “The Wedding March”

An anti love song to bridezillas – in honor of the “end” of wedding season

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 8.39.52 AMImmediately follow

@DogBookClub on Instagram

It’s dogs loving books. What are you still doing reading these sentences? Go click on that link. 




Stop by

Shopaholic Sample Sale on 3rd Street in Los Angeles

It is my favorite store in the world and that’s saying A LOT. Sample sale prices in real people sizes with the kindest staff you’ll encounter. DOG FRIENDLY. SANTA MONICA LOCATION TOO. See you there. 

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Pre-but tickets toimage1


Want to know how much I love Jem? THIS much. That is me a Jem circa age 5? It will also be me at Jem circa next Thursday night. WHO’S WITH ME? #trulytrulytrulyoutrageous 



How are you getting by on this abysmal day of the week? Shoot me my thoughts in comments! 

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