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November 4, 2015

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November 4, 2015

Hump Day Help: #DeadRinger Edition

November 4, 2015

This week’s dose of Hump Day medicine comes in the form of the four things that helped me make it through the writing of DEAD RINGER in (mostly) one piece. I am a creature of routine and habit, plus I never met a proper carrot that I couldn’t crawl my way to with some time and patience.

Not mentioned on this list is my puppy Louie who was 4 months old when I sold the book. His need to be walked every hour on the hour so he wouldn’t pee all over my carpet was also a huge help in the time-management and small goals category. Here he is saying WELCOME MOM!

image2 (2)

Now here are the rest!

a cozy F21 writing sweater


I cannot explain why, but I need to be wearing some sort of warm shawl/sweater situation when I write. I’m sure there is some weird occupational therapy science behind this, but I’m more concerned with the fact that it means I get to own a bunch of giant, fuzzy, warm and comfy cardigans. My favorite looks like the one featured as item #1, and it is from Forever 21, of course.

a Face Haus facial as incentive


I wrote the novel in three chunks of 115 pages. Each was due one month after the other (a chill just literally ran up my spine #ptsd). Every time I turned in another set I treated myself to a facial at the totally blissful Face Haus on 3rd Street in West Hollywood. $55 for a 30 minute skin savior and damn good source of relaxation.

a Gray Malin as my goal


I have been a fan of photographer Gray Malin‘s work since I first met him in a friend’s backyard almost 5 years ago. His creativity is second to none, and his gorgeous prints make you feel like you’re two steps away from paradise. When I first started writing the book I told myself that if it did well I would buy my favorite print, the “I Am Busy” balloons above. Fingers crossed that I’m coming for you soon, Gray!

a Lauren Hefez sweat to keep me sane


I do a million different things to combat writers block (here is my absolute fool proof trick), but there’s a difference between not being able to write and not wanting to write. Exhaustion is definitely a part of the novel writing process and, even though it sounds counter intuitive, I would pop on one of Lauren Hefez quickie You Tube videos to get my blood pumping and improve my mood. Best part: you don’t have to leave the house. Worst part: my puppy loses his mind.


Now, any tips for motivators or saviors to get me through the first days of DEAD RINGER sales??

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