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How To Start A Blog in 7 Easy Steps

Jessie Rosen - July 9, 2015

The #1 e-mail I receive goes something like this: I want to start a blog, but I don’t know where to begin. Any tips for how to get going? My advice is the same every single time, so I thought I’d finally formalize those recommended steps into a little post. Before diving in I just want to say that I think starting a blog is the …

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7 Reasons Why Couples Who Travel Together, Stay Together

Jessie Rosen - June 22, 2015

As promised, I’m going to be sharing a piece about R and my new strategy around saving for travel, tomorrow. Today I thought I’d remind you why we’re making such an effort with a piece from WingMan Magazine on why couples who travel together, stay together. Note: Wingman is a magazine for men looking to “attract girls, gain confidence…and more.” Not my typical subject-area, but I love …

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7 Things You Must See in Big Sur

Jessie Rosen - May 26, 2015

This weekend R and I took a drive up California’s famously scenic Route 1 for a weekend of R&R&eating in Big Sur, California’s famously beautiful hippie enclave. The trip is worth at least five blog post (still to come, the story of our 3 hours of nudity at The Esalen Institute!), but today I wanted to focus on something DIY-friendly for your own future travel. Enjoy …

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7 Things You Must Do in Turkey

Jessie Rosen - May 12, 2015

I could write a thousand posts about my six day experience in Turkey (and I may over the years), but I thought it would be fun to take it from an angle of “can’t miss experiences.” If you’d like 30 INCREDIBLE PHOTOS to inspire you to book a flight, check out my friend Robert’s gorgeous site. If you’re looking for an AWESOME VIDEO to inspire …

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The 7 Beautiful Domes of Turkey (that I saw)

Jessie Rosen - May 9, 2015

There is so much to say about this out of this world Turkish Airlines US Blogger trip to Turkey, but for now I only have the time and energy to say it in shots. Here are seven of my favorites – the many beautiful domes of the many beautiful religious structures between Istanbul, Konya, Cappadocia and Sille. More to come, I promise. For now off …

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7 Shocking Facts About: Taxidermy

Jessie Rosen - April 23, 2015

…with my friend and L.A.’s hottest taxidermist: Allis Marham Allis is the owner of Prey Taxidermy studio in Downtown LA, a taxidermist at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles, and probably the only human pin-up model who would totally dominate should the world go full Mad Max.  Seriously, she’s the ultimate modern girl scout troop leader: she can throw her hair in victory rolls, …

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