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May 10, 2010

My So-called Advice: on saving money

May 10, 2010

“I’m in business school to get me my M-R-S”

May 10, 2010
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Carly emailed the below, hysterical youtube clip on Saturday afternoon.

Katie – our Kellogg School of Management girl – responded immediately:

“You all have no idea just how completely true this is…”

The infamous MRS degree – a decades-old joke that the most valuable thing a girl can get out of a college degree is a ring. This Single Ladies mock from some Columbia Business School (CBS) ladies takes it one step further saying that if you don’t complete that “degree” in undergrad, give it a second try in B-school – a jackpot of husbands.

It’s funny because it’s true – there’s a total sense of “who’s still available” among the grad school set, but the bigger question is was college (under or grad) the last, best-case scenario to find the right guy? Never again will we be surrounded by so many like-aged, like-minded, like goal-oriented peers. Never again will we have tons of free time, organized social events, and themed reasons to act like idiots. Never again will we have so many occasions to wear a name tag…

I have no (legitimate) reason to go to grad school, so I’m disqualified from the conversation, but you’ve got to wonder how many girls out there hemming and hawing about the decision to apply add, “could find husband” to the pros column of their “should I?” list. Are they shallow? Are they foolish? Are they sexist? Or are they just right?…

Bravo to these three who pulled back the curtain, in black leotards with these ridonc lyrics:

“I’m in business school to get me my M-R-S
The returns on a marriage are worth the debt
Findin’ a man in the markets’ not happened yet
So I’m gonna’ find my hubby at CBS”
Now, what say ye?


  1. Just to slightly qualify my comment (slightly) and defend against the “digger” part of the title/video, we’re not looking for hubbys to pay the bills so we can be ladies who lunch. We want to work too. It’s a dual degree – MBA, MRS – we want husbands AND jobs. If that’s not worth $100,000 in loans, I don’t know what is….

  2. I’m not going to lie – my boyfriend is going to business school in the fall and I’m a little worried there will be women on the prowl for him! Yikes!

  3. This is amazingly funny. So true. I’m on the brink of joining this ring of women searching for Mr. Right in business school.

  4. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That video is fantastic. Not going to lie, I went to a college where getting their MRS seemed to be the goal of most of the women there. I was not one of them but I ended up with it anyway. It worked out for me!

    I’m going to have Single Ladies stuck in my head all day now.

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