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May 11, 2010

You’ll get by with a little help from (the right) friends

May 11, 2010

My So-called Advice: on saving money

May 11, 2010

Here’s the latest in my contributions to Lemondrop (the all-things site for women’s lifestyles and issues):

or, how a cash-only lifestyle can save you hundreds, in weeks.

Remember cash? That green, waxy paper stuff that features one of several dead presidents or Ben Franklin?

Well, for upwards of four years, I didn’t. Never carried it. Never used it. Couldn’t tell you which guy went with which dollar amount. My preferred currency was plastic and like most of us slaves to the magnetic strip, I swiped with reckless abandon.

Sure, I applied my version of mental checkbook balancing to each purchase, but come the end of the month my numbers never quite subtracted up.

I was in need of serious spending self-help — a solution that would remind me of the value of the almighty dollar and stop me from swiping without thinking.

And so I went to the halls of self-improvement (the third floor of the local Barnes and Noble) and sought out the advice of the fiercest financial contributor to any morning news program. A woman who would have made Mr. Potter feel like a spendthrift. A woman who lives and breathes efficiency from the tips of her toes to the top of her haircut. The one and only Suze Orman.


  1. Just FYI from a history nerd: Alexander Hamilton wasn’t a president either;-p Love your blog! I identify greatly with a lot of the things you write about and it gives me a laugh. Thanks!

  2. I loved this post! I have been reading Suze Orman to try to get my finances in line and your post was a great inspiration! I’ll be folling you!

  3. Young Ladies and Gentlemen: Everything Suze says is absolutely correct. I was once married to a wealthy man, and thought nothing of multi-thousand dollar spending sprees- mostly on clothes. I am now on my own. I rarely eat out, I do not shop at Costco (too much bulk, ergo: waste) only buy enough for a few days- eg: 2 or 3 oranges, some protein, do not go to movies and certainly not concerts: you can listen at home!!
    if eating out, never have alcohol, have it at home if you must; order only an appetizer; clothes: look in your closet:you have plenty to wear for the next 10 years…. I remember in my starving student days when I had only ONE pair of dress shoes; leave your hair natural- it blends the best with your complextion (both come from the ectodermal layer), have unpolished nails; you don’t need jewelry- diamonds are just a piece of carbon from the earth- they have no intrinsic value; just WALK, you don’t need a gym; take a sack lunch to work- it’s healthier and much cheaper;- I do all this, and my net worth is about $3million. I keep life simple and life is good. Evie

  4. GREAT article! Thank you! I was told to do this about a month ago, but procrastinated until NOW! I get paid on Friday and I’ll be doing the Suze Orman from now on 🙂

  5. Love Suze! I also recommend the Women in Red Racers on msn.com. They are fantastic support for debt/savings etc issues!

  6. just saw that the version of this on lemondrop got picked up by google news in their spotlight section – V cool.

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