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January 22, 2013

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January 22, 2013

My GIRLS Mea Culpa…Sort of

January 22, 2013
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A brief oral history of my relationship with GIRLS:

  • Last year I tore the first three episodes of this now Golden Globe-winning “comedy” a new one.
  • This year R finally got me to watch the last four episodes, and I mostly liked them.
  • Last week I had the below conversation with Geanna.
  • Two nights ago R and I watched the first two episodes of this season, and I wanted to take back everything I said to Geanna. The show seems to be back to its slow, meandering approach featuring “stories” that just end with people yelling annoying things back and forth.
  • Today I am posting the below thoughts because I did say and believe those things.
  • Next week I will watch GIRLS again. If I enjoy it more than this week, I’ll keep watching. If I don’t, I’m giving up again…until R wears me down a week before Season 3 airs…

12:45 PM me: happy thursday!

   I missed your call, but here I am!
 Geanna: and to you!!!
  did you get my message????
 me: I didn’t – my iphone is being weird
  is someone else engaged??
 Geanna: holy shit
  it’s even better
12:46 PM and more earth shattering
 me: what could be??
  guess what…
  so did I…
 me: I watched all the episodes I didn’t watch
 me: me too…
  I was really upset about it at first
12:47 PM I didn’t even tell anyone
12:48 PM Geanna: i called you first, obviously
12:49 PM and then i felt like i needed to tell everyone because i have never been so wrong about something before
 me: well, let’s calm down for a moment here
  we weren’t WRONG
  the first few episodes had some miserable moments
  it was trying SO hard
  then, in my opinion, they calmed down and got more real
12:50 PM Geanna: yeah i mean i think introducing all of the characters makes it seem like way too much
  but they kind of ease into it
 me: insider info: this corresponded with the arrival of a proper show runner, but that’s just me being a bitch about Lena Dunham’s ability to run a show at 20-whatever
12:51 PM Geanna: ahhhhh interesting!
  anyway, im still in shock that I enjoyed it
 me: same
 Geanna: the episode where they go to the party was hilarious
 me: I thought some important things were discussed, and bravely
12:52 PM that was my turning point too
  uugghh and R said it would be
  and I was like, nope, sorry, never watching it
 me: I haven’t seen this season’s premiere yet
 Geanna: me neither
12:53 PM me: I haven’t heard much about it
 Geanna: mariel saw it, she said nothing really happened
 me: so maybe they’re back to their old tricks
 Geanna: we shall see
 me: I mean, it’s still FAR from my NY experience
  but it got less annoying about itself
12:54 PM we can only hope that it keeps it up
12:55 PM because obviously we are a critical mass of their viewing audience
 Geanna: the things that were completely horrible to me:
  when that girl goes into the bathroom and HAS TO masturbate?!
  are you kidding me?!
 me: ugh, right
  that was annoying
 Geanna: and also i dont get how adam just suddenly falls in love with hannah
 me: also that guy who was like, “you’re going to have sex with me.”
 Geanna: yeah, gross
 me: that’s also a fair point
12:56 PM Geanna: like all of a sudden he wants to be her bf
 me: we’re supposed to believe he has “issues”
  apparently all of that was intentional
  a “slow burn” on the character, as we assholes here in LA say
 Geanna: oh please
12:57 PM me: it is weird, but it is now weird and less offensive to me
  before it was weird and offensive to women with brains
  and men too, especially that sad sack Charlie character
 Geanna: well, people like him exist in the world
 me: yeah, that’s true
12:58 PM so do people like all the other characters too, I guess
 Geanna: yep
  i hate charlie’s friend
 me: I think I met some of them in my travels around New York
  and decided not to be friends with them
  see even he is growing on me
  he’s SO real
  I knew version of him
  they all worked at the Tribeca Film Festival
12:59 PM Geanna: oh lord
 me: anyway, I’m proud of us
  but I’m still going to try not to talk about this a lot
 me: and I still maintain that I was right about the beginning of the season
 Geanna: that is fair
  i also really enjoy the shoshanna girl, but only because she was on mad men and a completely different character
  i respect her as an actor
1:01 PM me: I might end up posting this conversation to the blog though
 Geanna: hehehe okay 🙂
 me: as my passive aggressive apology
 Geanna: i like being on the blog!
1:02 PM even colin liked it
  it was just crazy all around
1:05 PM me: it really is…
  hm, that’s a coincidence, not an irony
  so tough those two…
 Geanna: yeah, i couldnt define irony if you asked me to
1:09 PM me: alright – back work with me
  I’m really glad we had this conversation
  I feel a lot better
 Geanna: me too!


  1. I’m glad you’re giving Girls another chance! I have a feeling the new season is just taking a while to get started, but I think it’ll end up building to be as good as the first season was. I’m interested to see what happens with Adam now that he’s all love sick and stalkery. And I really enjoyed when Donald Glover’s character called Hannah out on at least some of her shit. More people in her life need to do that.

  2. I hated pretty much all of last season, but Season 2 has been enjoyable so far. I figured there was a new showrunner. It feels like a different show.

  3. There isn’t a new show runner this season. Also, just having a “black republican” appear out of the sky and suddenly be dating Hannah is forced and lame.

  4. i completely agree, and am very disappointed with this season’s two episodes. It seems to me like the writers took a Plot Wheel and spun it and are having the characters do and say things that make zero sense. Also is Hannah the most annoying character ever, and not in a good way? I get profoundly irritated by her fast-talking, mumbly, awkward way of speaking. Not rooting for these characters anymore. THey seem like cartoons.

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