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July 30, 2015

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July 30, 2015

What Exactly Is Sunday Night Sex Talks?

July 30, 2015

It’s been awhile since I’ve talked about (slash shamelessly promoted) my storytelling series, SUNDAY NIGHT SEX TALKS. So much so that I’ve recently had a few people ask, “what exactly is Sunday Night Sex Talks?” People I know…

In four sentences: Sunday Night Sex Talks is the L.A. based storytelling show that I founded in 2012. It started as a night of true tales held at Bar Lubitsch in West Hollywood with no men on stage and no men allowed in the audience. This year it expanded into a second night of storytelling held at UCB Sunset with co-ed performers and a co-ed audience. We have also held shows in New York and have plans to travel the show soon.

In a few more sentences:

The No Boys Show

  • No Boys Sunday Night Sex Talks was launched in October of 2012 as a storytelling show about sex where there are no men on stage and no men in the audience. Why? Because I was curious how an exclusively female environment would contribute to the performances. How does it? In a million ways I can’t explain. Come see!
  • Since night one, Sunday Night Sex Talks has been held on the first Sunday of the month at 8:30pm in the back room at Bar Lubitsch. Fun fact: four men work at the bar, one as the events producer. Not one has ever seen the show. Even more fun fact: one time R had to take the tickets because the events producer couldn’t be there. I made him leave after he took them.
Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 5.21.38 PM

our sexy, sacred space

  • Each Sex Talks performance features four women telling true, 10-minute tales about love, relationships and sex. All the stories connect to the theme of the night. Themes have included everything from “What Lies” and “Risky Business” to “If I Could Go Back to One Moment in My Sex Life To Change Something It Would Be…”
  • We do not tape or record the show in any way and all people present take a vow of silence before the show begins to protect the tale tellers.
  • We have featured everyone from wildly successful writers, producers and actors to people who have never been on stage before in their life. Our oldest performer was 70. Our youngest performer was 21. One time a woman flew all the way from Minnesota to share her story. Here’s our latest NO BOYS cast, but for a list of many more check out our performers page.

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 8.43.35 PM

  • Yes, I tell a story every single time. And yes, I am officially out of stories.

The Co-Ed Show

  • Sunday Night Sex Talks…on Tuesday started after the fine people at UCB Sunset accepted my pitch to expand the show to their fine new location on Sunset Boulevard. So far we have done a show every other month since the start of 2015. Why co-ed now? Because I wanted to diversify the stories and the feel of the crowd. How it is different? In so many ways I can’t explain. Come see!


Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 5.22.54 PM

our super fancy UCB stage exterior


  • Everything about the No Boys and Co-Ed shows are the same. 10-minute tales, true stories, vow of silence, no recording, and me telling a story (of which I have no more)
  • Each Co-Ed show features two men, two women and one couple telling true, 10-minute stories on a theme. The couple tells a tale together making them incredibly brave and/or foolish. Here is the most recent cast.

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 11.18.35 AM


Why I do this whole thing

  • They’re not just racy tales about drunken mistakes you make when you’re 22, even though “sex” is in the title. Sex Talks has become a safe space for real, authentic performance that – while typically light and comedic – gets to the heart of everything that is challenging and ultimately rewarding about intimacy.
  • It doesn’t have to have SEX in it to work for this show. We’ve had first kiss stories kill on stage. We’ve had stories about celibacy do just as well. Sex Talks are really tales of feelings surrounding relationships and intimacy.
  • After every single show someone (if not many someones) come up and tell me that they feel better – about their own life, about their past, or just because it’s a fun, relaxing and moving way to spend an hour of your life.
  • Yes, YOU can tell a Sunday (or Tuesday) Night sex talk! E-mail me at 20Nothings@gmail.com with a sample story, and we’ll talk.

Of course you can follow us

And what’s that? You want Sunday Night Sex Talks in your city? Well then by all means e-mail me at 20Nothings@gmail.com because we’re working on that very thing and we’d love your help. 



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