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October 22, 2015

The Right-Sized Make-up That Changed My Life: 7 Days with Stowaway

October 22, 2015

7 Terrible Blog Post Ideas

October 22, 2015
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I had done all the things that I advise my blogging students never to do. I didn’t build a proper content calendar for the month of October; I didn’t write down the one good idea I had sometime on Sunday; and I waited until the absolute last minute to write this Thursday post. It happens. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t spend plenty of time coming up with 7 terrible blog post ideas that seemed like excellent ideas for 10-15 seconds.

Here are those as a sort of mea culpa consolation prize. Next week: hearty, useful, pre-planned content!


#1: Why is it that I don’t believe a word my dentist says but will buy every single product a 16-year-old sales girl at Sephora recommends?


#2: If most of the psychics in New York were lying about being psychics then maybe most of the Republicans are lying about thinking gun control is actually a bad idea.


#3: I have tried to quit Instagram three times this month but I can’t. What does this mean?


#4: If people continue to care THIS MUCH about Lamar Odom then what I am doing with my life?


#5: The text message ruined modern love. I’m not sure how, but I’m pretty sure it did. 


#6: What if all these babies don’t want their pictures taken with those onsies with the numbers on them every single month? What if they’re mad when they are adults? What if they sue?? Can they sue?…


#7: I think I’ll watch every single Star Wars movie before the new one comes out because R will really appreciate it, but first I have to tell him that I’ve only seen one Star Wars movie…


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