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August 24, 2021

Hello from NOW

August 24, 2021

It has been almost five years since I officially closed shop on this blog after its decade-long run.

I’ve missed writing here so much some days that I consider starting it up again. On others I’m relieved to be able to focus on other ventures, and adventures.

But in case you’re finding yourself here at 20-Nothings.com for the very first time, I wanted to be sure to say Hello, I’m Jessie. I’m still living in Los Angeles where I moved to pursue television and film writing in 2010 after starting my writing career in New York. I’m still married to R, who I met because of this very blog. And My pup #LouieLuchow is alive and thriving (which to him = 8-10 hours a day on the couch and 1-2 scheming to catch neighborhood cats). Also, I have now officially seen every single Star Wars.

In the past few years I’ve had the opportunity to work with some of my dream writers/producers/companies on television project and more. I sold a novel, DEAD RINGER. And developed a live storytelling series, SUNDAY NIGHT SEX TALKS, that ended up on an episode of The Bachelor! And I’ve continued teaching, sometimes with Writing Pad where I was first given the chance to help fellow writers on their journey.

My own journey is far from complete. Some days I still feel like a total beginner. Others I wonder if my biggest creative dreams will ever come true.

But I’m still in love with what I do. And even though I decided it was time for 20-Nothings to say goodbye, I’ve been up to some things I’m equally passionate about and excited to share right here where it all began. Like –

My NEW INSTAGRAM: @UncleJessieSpano

I started the new handle @UncleJessieSpano to focus on #writerlife and #creativelife. There you’ll find a bunch of highlight series to help with artist endeavors like #WriteSpots (the best places to get creative work done, in LA and beyond) and #ArtistDates (my hopefully weekly adventures, inspired by Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way), as well as one million photos of #LouieLuchow and a pretty extensive #WineRoll (my side passion).

A WEEKLY EMAIL: #WriterLifeWeekly

I missed connecting with creatives around how we do what we do. This e-mail is filled with tips, tricks, confessions and commiseration delivered to your inbox every Wednesday, all for free. Subscribe here!


I created this free PDF guide to help every kind of writer overcome any kind of block. Those stuck moments have been the hardest part of my creative process. This guide is my gift to anyone else struggling through the blank page stare. Grab it here!


I started with PEACEFUL PRODUCTIVITY: finding greater ease in creative endeavors, which I’ll continue to offer from time-to-time as a way to get to know my teaching style with a topic that’s key to everything I do as a creative. For info on all workshops, head here.

But coming up is a new series on HOW TO START: kick-starting any creative project as well as more opportunities for Private Coaching. For questions on working with me directly, email! I’m jessierosenwriter at gmail dot com.


The challenges of the pandemic inspired me toward some incredibly therapeutic RAGE WRITING! Read the archive here!

What’s next?

Hopefully a new novel come 2022, and it’s my big dream to take my writing workshops on the road, maybe even Internationally!

I’ll be sure to pop back on here from time-to-time with major updates and developments. But til then, you can always find me at jessierosen.com.

Wishing you all the best, always.


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