Do You “We” Instead of “I”?

Jessie Rosen - May 9, 2017

On Sunday night I hosted a No Boys Allowed edition of my storytelling series Sunday Night Sex Talks. I started Sex Talks almost six years ago. I had the idea because of a gathering I fell backward into during college (a gathering of conversation, not sex). I was looking for some way to get involved with the comedy community when I moved to LA, and …

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How To Play The Waiting Game

Jessie Rosen - May 2, 2017

It took me almost eight months after I graduated college to get my first, official job. I moved from the halls of Boston College to my old bedroom in central Jersey and hit the search hard. At the time my dad kept a roll top desk in a carpeted corner of the basement. I would wake up every morning, eat my Team Cheerios (now …

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Why We Need To Be More Earnest

Jessie Rosen - August 8, 2016

Last night I realized why Sunday Night Sex Talk feels different than most live performances. The answer: earnestness.     Last night was another very special night of Sunday Night Sex Talks. This one was a NO BOYS ALLOWED show (the original incarnation) and, not only did this show fall on my birthday, but I arranged a line-up of ladies that I knew would bring the …

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Secret To Success: Be More Like Matt

Jessie Rosen - August 3, 2016

How one e-mail from one stranger has kept me focused on what it takes to find success [photo credit/source] A few years ago I participated in this panel run by this organization called the JHRTS (Junior Hollywood Radio & Television Society). My friend Jade put the group of speakers together. The topic was television staff writing and each of us represented a stage of the writer’s …

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Brutally Honest Advice for Writers

Jessie Rosen - May 18, 2016

I oddly always use Summer as a time to get a massive chunk of work done. It’s the start of development season for network television here in Los Angeles; the days are longer meaning more sunlight to convince me it’s not time to stop working, and – the real reason – I didn’t get a staff writing job on a network television show so I’m …

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Is My Most Important Career Choice My Husband?

Jessie Rosen - May 11, 2016

Last month I finally read Sheryl Sandberg’s book Lean In. I’m embarrassed to admit it was last month and not when it came out four years ago because I listened to the negative press instead of making my own evaluation. Shame on me because I missed out on years of having a more gender-informed perspective on the working world that might have changed a lot of the ways I …

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How To Explain TV Staffing Season To Your Loved Ones

Jessie Rosen - April 27, 2016

Hello and Happy network TV staffing season to you all! If you know what that means then my thoughts and prayers are with you during this horrific time of year. If you don’t, then this post is for you. Writers: feel free to use this mock conversation as a guide to explaining your life. Others: feel free to use this mock conversation as motivation to …

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