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Hello from NOW

Jessie Rosen - August 24, 2021

It has been almost five years since I officially closed shop on this blog after its decade-long run. I’ve missed writing here so much some days that I consider starting it up again. On others I’m relieved to be able to focus on other ventures, and adventures. But in case you’re finding yourself here at 20-Nothings.com for the very first time, I wanted to be …

The Beginning of The End of The Blog

Jessie Rosen - November 13, 2017

December 8th marks the 10th birthday of this blog, my blog. I’ve decided it will also be the last official day of posting. After a full decade of writing, it’s time for this chapter to come to an end. Why?  Because 10 years is an amount of time that makes me incredibly proud. Because new creative projects have become important to me, like focusing more …

Why I Did My Daily Free Writing Once In Four Days

Jessie Rosen - September 26, 2017

It is Tuesday. Last Thursday I set out to free write daily until Monday. On Friday I woke up, did my morning routine (walk dog, pour coffee, don’t drink coffee until it’s too cold to drink, wash face and apply 37 lotions) and head to a cafe. I putzed around (1920’s term for went on Facebook) for 30 or so minutes and then opened a document …

Issue #1: I Never Free Write

Jessie Rosen - September 21, 2017

This is going to be bad. This is going to make me a hypocrite to the now hundreds of students I’ve taught blogging over the course of my years working with Writing Pad. I’m going to ease into the confession (that’s already in the headline of this post) with a story about how I figured it out. Yesterday I read a little of Anne Lamott’s Bird …

Do You “We” Instead of “I”?

Jessie Rosen - May 9, 2017

On Sunday night I hosted a No Boys Allowed edition of my storytelling series Sunday Night Sex Talks. I started Sex Talks almost six years ago. I had the idea because of a gathering I fell backward into during college (a gathering of conversation, not sex). I was looking for some way to get involved with the comedy community when I moved to LA, and …

How To Play The Waiting Game

Jessie Rosen - May 2, 2017

It took me almost eight months after I graduated college to get my first, official job. I moved from the halls of Boston College to my old bedroom in central Jersey and hit the Monster.com search hard. At the time my dad kept a roll top desk in a carpeted corner of the basement. I would wake up every morning, eat my Team Cheerios (now …

wasted time

7 Things I Will No Longer Be Wasting My Time Doing

Jessie Rosen - November 30, 2016

It dawned on me Tuesday of last week that I have been wasting a lot of time, but then I kept on wasting it for a whole additional week because wasting time is very fun. And yet there is nothing more annoying (aka less fun) to me than the thought of time wasted. Is that ironic? Mid-90s Alanis Morissette would probably say yes, but I’ll …

Why We Need To Be More Earnest

Jessie Rosen - August 8, 2016

Last night I realized why Sunday Night Sex Talk feels different than most live performances. The answer: earnestness.     Last night was another very special night of Sunday Night Sex Talks. This one was a NO BOYS ALLOWED show (the original incarnation) and, not only did this show fall on my birthday, but I arranged a line-up of ladies that I knew would bring the …

Secret To Success: Be More Like Matt

Jessie Rosen - August 3, 2016

How one e-mail from one stranger has kept me focused on what it takes to find success [photo credit/source] A few years ago I participated in this panel run by this organization called the JHRTS (Junior Hollywood Radio & Television Society). My friend Jade put the group of speakers together. The topic was television staff writing and each of us represented a stage of the writer’s …