9 Secrets To Hosting Your Mom in L.A.

Jessie Rosen - August 17, 2016
mom in LA

Yesterday my Mom flew back to New Jersey after a seven day stay in the Golden State. I say Golden State and not Los Angeles because within the one week that she visited we were in four cities (LA, Ojai, Dana Point, San Diego) and approx 75 neighborhoods, but I blame her for that; she raised me to be a real over achiever. Before I dive into …

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Why We Need To Be More Earnest

Jessie Rosen - August 8, 2016

Last night I realized why Sunday Night Sex Talk feels different than most live performances. The answer: earnestness.     Last night was another very special night of Sunday Night Sex Talks. This one was a NO BOYS ALLOWED show (the original incarnation) and, not only did this show fall on my birthday, but I arranged a line-up of ladies that I knew would bring the …

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At 33: A Flower Child and a Revolutionary

Jessie Rosen - August 7, 2016

Today is my 33rd birthday and I feel…   This marks the 9th time I’ve written some version of that line. Every year on my birthday since the big 2-5 I’ve woken up and written a blog post. I think about them throughout the week before the day, but there’s something I like about the tradition of starting every new year of my life writing. Last …

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What The World Needs Now is SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE: Next Generation

Jessie Rosen - July 14, 2016

How crying at Fox’s new take on their dance comp classic is changing my life   I’ve been pretty upset with the world, lately. You too, right? Senseless killings in response to senseless killings. Politics too crazy for a screenplay. Rape culture runneth over. It is a really challenging time to be a human. And the stress of all this negativity pummeling us on and off line …

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Guest Post: The Mid-Thirties-Crisis, Carson Daly, and Me

Jessie Rosen - June 22, 2016

Please enjoy this beautifully written, wildly hysterical post from my sister cousin Geanna on the relationship between Carson Daly (whose birthday is TODAY!) and ther mid-thirties (which began last week!). xo – J It is a widely-agreed-upon fact that science and millennials everywhere have separated the 10 years of your 30s into three main sections:   The Early-Thirties (Ages 30 to 33):   You’re still young, …

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Can We Talk About the Common Denominator in American Violence?

Jessie Rosen - June 15, 2016
male aggression

What’s the correlation between violence in America, and men?   It’s been a very challenging two weeks in America. For days last week my social media feed filled with Stanford rape victim news – which is horrific. Then it shifted to the infamous Donald Trump on women ad – which is disgusting – it’s own form of violence. Then, news that a favorite Voice contestant of mine …

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How To Learn How To Relax

Jessie Rosen - May 4, 2016

Last month I bought a 30-day trial to a new drop-in meditation den in an effort to relax a little more. It was a difficult winter. I needed to – as the kids don’t say – take a chill pill. The meditation classes were lovely, as was the dimly-lit, delicious-smelling space. They had really fancy pillows for your legs and back. It was right next to …

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