Hear R & Me Talk Finance & Romance on NPR

Jessie Rosen - April 13, 2015

Last week R and I offered to talk about openly our married finances in exchange for the chance to hear our voices on NPR. I’m not sure it was a fair trade in the end because I always forget that I sound much like a middle school teacher’s pet, but I think we imparted some interesting wisdom on how to combine your money and stay …

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#HumpDayHappy: This hysterical “What Girls Say” Aussie commercial

Jessie Rosen - January 28, 2015

I can’t believe that my little bit of mid-week happy is a commercial, but I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. My dad is an “Ad Man”, I spent the first five years of my career working in branded content development and my single favorite line of copy is, “every kiss begins with Kay.” Below is a commercial for Aussie haircare products featuring the hysterical GRAYDON …

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#HumpDayHappy: Sophia Grace Drops a Single

Jessie Rosen - January 7, 2015

I literally screamed at the computer when I saw that Sophia Grace finally released her first single. If you don’t know who Sophia Grace is then you’ve never been on the Internet, so welcome, and my apologies because you’re about to spend the next five hours of your life watching every single YouTube clip of this little pistol from London who burst onto the scene …

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#HumpDayHappy: Fuego Box + Making Shit Happen

Jessie Rosen - December 10, 2014

I am continually blown away by my friend Mike McAdams, the man behind Drinkwel and Lyteshow – the two products that have been saving me from rough Sunday mornings since they came on the market. That same genius is now bringing you FUEGO BOX – your hot sauce of the month subscription service. I say your because you need this in your life. I didn’t …

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French People Don’t Get Stressed

Jessie Rosen - November 20, 2014

I was chatting with a friend this morning about stress – how much I have…why I have so much…where exactly it lives in my stomach…how soon I’m bound to pop and ulcer… The things you talk about over most 9am coffee conversations. But this friend is smarter than most friends. “This reminds me of how Americans deal with medicine versus the French,” she said. “In …

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#HumpDayHappy: LIFE PARTNERS starring Leighton Meester and Gillian Jacobs

Jessie Rosen - November 19, 2014

This week’s slice of mid-week sunshine technically started last night at the LA premiere of LIFE PARTNERS – a sweet and smart comedy about what happens when the right guy finally comes between gay and straight female best friends. It is modern. It is accurate. It is charming as all hell. And it stars three of our (the royal our) favorite former TV stars, Blair …

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#HumpDayHappy: Jennifer Garner said, “No one asks Ben about work-family balance”

Jessie Rosen - October 22, 2014

Remember how much you loved Jennifer Garner in 13 Going on 30 and/or Alias and/or Juno? Well she’s even better in real life. Today’s little ray of sunshine goes out to this mother of three who happens to be married to Batman. Not only is she taking on more interesting roles than ever (Dallas Buyers Club, Men Women & Children), but she’s talking smack about …

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Ditching “No Means No” for “Yes Means Yes”

Jessie Rosen - October 14, 2014

There’s something really interesting and important going on in the world of sexual assault prevention and prosecution, and I wanted to make sure you all know. For decades now many states have used a, “no means no,” approach when talking about and prosecuting sexual assault. Simply, if someone says “no” then the sex is not consensual. But that means the opposite is true, legally: if …

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#HumpDayHappy: Women Enough + The Bare Campaign

Jessie Rosen - October 8, 2014

Today’s little slice of sun comes from Michelle Fetsch, who founded an organization called Women Enough in 2010 after a 17 year struggle (that started at age 12) with eating disorders, body image and self confidence issues. Her goal was, “to create positive, realistic media messages that would support women and girls in having a healthy body image and self esteem.” Among the many fantastic things that …

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