The Sex on the Third Date Debate

Jessie Rosen - February 17, 2016

Last week my colleagues and I had a fascinating conversation about whether or not it is fair/wise/dumb/ridiculous to expect sex on the third date. No, this was not a writer’s room tangent; this was an important part of our work for that day! To back it up a bit, the conversation started around the discussion of expectations going into the third date. Someone said, “oh, …

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The Girlfriend’s Guide to Star Wars: Part I

Jessie Rosen - December 8, 2015

So you lied to your boyfriend/fiancé/husband about having seen Star Wars… Me too. Though, I swear I only claimed to have seen the first one (which is apparently the fourth one?). I just remembered it including things that are in the third one (which is apparently the sixth one?). This all would have gone unquestioned, but they had to go and make a seventh one (which is in …

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What Aziz Ansari Taught Me About Motherhood

Jessie Rosen - November 19, 2015

(banner image via If you’re not familiar with the new Aziz Ansari Netflix series Master Of None then open a new Internet window and look it up immediately. It is a funny, original, and poignant show that captures the 30-nothing experience better than anything I’ve seen. Congrats also to co-creator Alan Yang who is responsible for some of my favorite Parks & Rec episodes …

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The First Fart vs. The First “I Love You”

Jessie Rosen - August 11, 2015

Warning: this is a filthy post, and you are going to be uncomfortable, but that’s the whole point so just deal with it. Years ago R and I had the most significant conversation of our entire relationship: “Ugh,” R said as he sat on the couch after a rich dinner somewhere. “That was rough on my stomach.” “Yeah?” I said. “You don’t have a bad stomach …

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The Single Best Relationship Litmus Test

Jessie Rosen - July 21, 2015

“I think I figured out the ultimate relationship litmus test,” R said to me as we were walking Louie the other night. He makes these kind of grand statements about dating/relationships/marriage from time to time. I can’t decide if it’s because he’s secretly preparing for his second career as a yenta or if he just wants more blog posts to be about his ideas. Either …

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Why I Support the Adult-Only Wedding

Jessie Rosen - July 7, 2015

I love a good Internet controversy, and this week we have one that’s right up my alley: is the adult-only wedding invite totally rude or totally appropriate? Chaunie Brusie over at (because, “it takes two to tango” but screw that? I’m not sure) says rude in her piece on the matter. Though she very much enjoys a no-kids wedding, Chaunie has kids (by choice, we assume) …

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12 Lessons for the First Year of Marriage

Jessie Rosen - May 10, 2015

Today is my one year wedding anniversary. 5/10/15. A lucky date palindrome! One down, infinity to go. Somewhere around month ten I started telling people that I would soon be celebrating my one-year wedding anniversary. Sorry. We would soon be celebrating. R gets equal billing in this show. Almost everyone had the same reaction: “Oh wow. Year one. Rough, right?” Wait. What? Not only was …

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